A white supremacist on Friday mercilessly slaughtered over 50 worshipers who were gathering for the Friday prayer and live-streamed it on social media. Even a warm greeting by a worshiper on the gate of the mosque could not awoke his conscience. The person who welcomed him with the words, ‘Hello brother!’ as he entered the premise has been hailed for his incredible act of brave devotion as he showed Islamic compassion even when faced with the barrel of a semi-automatic shotgun as reported by Mail online. Truly, there can be no coward greater than the one who slaughters unarmed persons praying in peace to the almighty. This also shows that how dangerous is idea of racism for humankind as most gruesome massacres in the world history including the Nazi holocaust have been in the name of race. In the words of United Nations-‘Any doctrine of racial supremacy is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous and must be rejected.’

My heart goes out to the victims of the shooting and I dedicate these few lines in Hindi-Urdu to all those beautiful souls whose lives have been extinguished by racial hatred, bigotry, extremism and terrorism.

Aakhir wo kuyn nahi samajhte ki, (Why don’t they understand)
inteha-pasandi Khuda ko napasand hai. (that God dislikes extremism.)
Aakhir wo kyun nahi samajhte (Why don’t they understand)
ki buto ki tijarat, (that dealing in soulless enterprises)
aakhirat se saude-baazi hai. (is akin to bad bargaining with the life after life.)
Aakhir wo kab jaanenge ki, (When will they understand)
kisi nasl se wafa-parasti, (that pledging allegiance to a race or a caste)
insaniyet se dagabaazi hai. (is betrayal with the race of humanity.)
Wo aise aslaaf ke khidmatgaar kuyn hai, (Why are they so devoted to their those ancestors)
jinhone insaano mein fark kiya aur (who discriminated amongst human beings)
unhe nasli paimaane par takseem kiya. (and divided them on the lines of races and caste.)
Kya unhe khayal nahi ki, (Do they not understand that)
har insaan ibn-e-Aadam hai. (every human being is the progeny of Adam-peace be upon him.)
Hoshiyaar! Teri be-niyazi, (Attention! Your indifference)
tere dojakh ka sabab ban sakti hai (can take you to hell)
aur teri tasawwur pastiya (and your fantasy pigeons)
gumshuda wa lapata ho jayengi, (will get lost and vanish one day.)
kyunki tujhe yakin nahi ki, (because you do not remember)
tere wazud ka hakam tu nahi, (that you are not the master of your existence)
al-hakam hai jo al-Adl bhi hai. (but its is the almighty who is the supreme master and the judge.)
Tera akhtiyaar hai teri kartuto pe, (Certainly you have free will and discretion over your deeds)
par aakhirat ka faisala, (but the ultimate judgement and discretion)
to khuda ke akhtiyaar mein hai. (lies in the hand of the almighty.)
Tujhe naaz hai apni rahbari pe, (You are arrogant of your leadership)
lekin teri rahbari pe to khuda ka raj hai. (but it is the almighty who is the supreme governor.)
Tujhe bada yakeen hai apne ratti bhar ilm pe, (You have so much faith in your piecemeal knowledge)
Tujhe khabar nahi ki asal sahib-e-ilm (but have no idea that the real master of knowledge)
to al-Aleem khuda hai, (is the almighty-the all knowing, the omniscient)
jo rab-ul-Aalmeen, al-Khabeer hai. (who is the master of all that exists and is the all aware.)
Tujhe guroor hai apne mulk ki qayadat pe, (Your take pride in your nationalist imperialism)
shayad tujhe khabar nahi ki, (probably you have no idea)
wo al-Malik-ul-Mulk, al-Azeem hai. (that he is the owner of all sovereignty.)
Tujhe guroor hai apni jeet par, (You take pride in your minor victories)
tujhe khabar nahi wo al-Jabar (but you have no idea that he also subdues)
par al-Rahman ar-Rahim hai. (but yet is the most gracious and the most merciful.)
Tujhe guroor hai sirf apne insaaf pe, (You take so much pride in your own versions of justice)
Shayad tujhe khabar nahi ki, (little do you know that)
wo zahir al-Adl al-Hakeem hai. (he is the manifest Judge and Arbiter)
© Atul Depak